The New School Way To Get Tattoo Clients From Social Media And Charge Pro Team Level Pricing

“Old School” methods for attracting clients and billing for needle time are killing your ability to get paid your worth doing fulfilling art.  

Free video reveals the new school way I’ve grown my tattoo shop to $4 million in sales so you can model this unique method to get $2k, $3k and even $5k ‘dream clients’ from social media.

These are the kind of clients that are in love with your art and allow you to do work that fulfills your creativity.

This new school method is different from anything else out there.  It works no matter where you are located (my shop is in Podunk Utah!) and even if you’re fresh out of apprenticeship - as long as you aren’t “tattooing in the house”.  Plus, it does NOT involve setting up some deceptive tier pricing to take advantage of clients!

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